GETTING RID OF THINGS (appeared in Talbot Spy on November 16, 2017) Click Here for full article.

Breaking up can be hard to do, even if it is just with things. But…it can be oh so worth it!  Here are various ways of breaking the grip of valuable and not so valuable things.A quick break: Facebook is a great way to get rid of not so valuable things, especially for free. A nice lady with a van took away my Trombe wall… twenty 8’ high by 1’ diameter clear plastic tubes.

CURB APPEAL (appeared in Talbot Spy on July 3, 2017)

No matter how much we love our home, there may come a time when we want others to love it even more, and take it off our hands for a profit. If it has the right curb appeal and a few other key touches,  that transaction may happen sooner rather than later.  Click here for full article.


One Saturday morning  I had mirrors  installed on either side of the chimney of our very dark, cramped Georgetown living room.  This was very illusionary, because the door to the room was directly opposite the chimney.  When  a friend of ours entered the room he did a double take.  He did not see his own reflection, just the illusion of SPACE. The living room now appeared twice as big. The "remodeling" only took an hour. And the best plaster dust!


The new generation of retirees are not retired at all!  Their kids are grown but they are onto new businesses, overseas travel and much more!  They need a new kind of dwelling, the Boomer Abode.  It must be flexible, energy efficient, practical, and discretely comfortable for their needs.

      As for style, this is definitely not a "tiny house" crowd, and few of them will want the maintenance issues of a larger home. Yet, they will want their new  (or remodeled) home to say "welcome" to family and friends.